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Are you redoing a room in your house or office space and need to demolition the area prior to the new construction?  If you are looking to demolition you should be aware of the demolition process as it is not as simple as you may think.


Hiring a trained professional can help explain the process to safeguard your house or business from the pitfalls that may occur during demolition.  When considering a demo project you should consider four steps:


  1. Plan and prepare
  2. Safe material removal
  3. Prevent damage to areas near the site
  4. Properly dispose debris

Preparing and planning the demolition is an important aspect of the demo project.  Identifying the debris and how it will be removed can prevent unforeseen issues and ensure the project goes smoothly.

Construction debris and old appliances can be very hazardous to remove.  When removing the debris you can encounter sharp edges, protruding nails, shards of glass or splinters, or other hazardous material such as asbestos or lead and proper safety precautions must be in place to prevent injuries.

Removing large debris from inside a building could be tricky – you want to make sure the walls and other areas around the demo site are not scratched or dented and that the trail of the debris is cleaned up afterward.

Having a large pile of garbage outside of your house or building is unsightly.  Construction debris needs to be taken to a permitted landfill and if there is hazardous waste in the debris it has to be properly contained, labeled and taken to a specific facility that is permitted to handle the disposal of it.

With Affordable Spacemakers you can trust that they will handle your demo project with the proper safety cautions to ensure the material is removed carefully and disposed of properly.


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