10 Quick Tips On Storage Space Ideas

We all accumulate junk, it’s just part of life. As we go through our routines, it would seem that more and more stuff piles up in our homes. Clearing up space so we can be more organized is important, but it can be paralyzing to look at the mess and not know where to begin. Here are ten quick tips about storage space ideas.


  1. Start anywhere. Seriously, this is the best bit of advice when it comes to clearing out storage. Pick any spot you see and just start cleaning. The act of beginning is enough to get over that first hurdle and start pushing you towards success.
  2. Pay attention to what you have. As you move through your storage, start noticing what you have in your home.
  3. Start a list. It may help to write down what you discover for easier sorting.
  4. Make piles. As you notice what you are looking at, begin making piles of your stuff. These should be simple piles like: Keep, Donate, Throw Away. The idea here is to have the “Keep” pile be the smallest.
  5. Invest in storage containers. Whether they are plastic bins or woven baskets, it is important to have something you can place your stuff in as you sort through everything. Plus, when you are finished you will have containers to store what you keep.
  6. Go through everything. Don’t avoid closets or drawers during your cleaning process. Lots of junk piles up in there, so its important to sort through these spaces.
  7. Get some organizers. There are lots of amazing plastic and metal organizers that can be found for closets and drawers. Do a quick search online and start cooking up ideas for how you can put things back when you’re done.
  8. Get furniture that doubles as storage. A great way to keep junk from resurfacing is having clever ways to store what you own. A coffee table that has hidden drawers for storage is just one example of an amazing piece of furniture that can transform your home and give you some function.
  9. Throw more away. After you have sorted everything, do another sweep and throw more of it away. You will only be able to keep your space clean if you get rid of more garbage.
  10. When it is time to get rid of all that excess junk that you’re trying to eliminate, contact us at Affordable Spacemakers. We are your junk removal and storage space experts.

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