Beautify Your Yard With Five Simple Steps

When most people think of spring cleaning they think of cleaning indoors, but it should encompass your outdoor space as well.  The winter has caused havoc to your yard and outdoor space and it is a great time to survey your yard to figure out what needs to be done to refresh your yard and prepare for summer.  The five simple steps outlined below will quickly help you get to a more beautiful yard and outdoor space.


  1. Survey your yard and categorize areas so you can work in stages to get things done in realistic time frame.  Some areas that you can categorize together include flower beds, lawn, and deck/patio space.
  2. Tackle the larger projects first.  For instance if you have a lot of leaves or branches on the property that hadn’t been cleaned up in the fall or blew onto your property during the winter now is the time to rake them up and de-clutter your lawn.  Or if your deck or patio has built up dirt and grime you may want to consider power washing, which is a quick fix to revitalize the space.
  3. Although you may be eager to start planting your summer annuals – it is best to wait until the last frost, to ensure plants survive.  In New Jersey the last frost spans from mid-April to mid-May depending on where you live.  While you are waiting for the last frost to pass it is a great time to clean out your flower beds.  You can prepare your flower beds by pulling up weeds and debris from last year’s plants and spread a layer of mulch that will help prevent weeds as well as offer a good base for this year’s plants.
  4. Trim existing trees and plants to help encourage new growth and improve the health of the plant.  There may be dead foliage or seeds on your plants or trees that should be removed.  Removing dead debris as well as trimming the plant or tree accordingly will help it look more appealing while revitalizing the plant itself.
  5. Finally, an easy project that is a must for the season is to fertilize your lawn and plants.  Fertilizing helps add nutritional value to the plants and will help them grow and promote their health.  When selecting fertilizer there are many different varieties depending on your needs.  Make sure to select the appropriate one for the plant you need to fertilize and read the instructions prior to applying.

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