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Junk Removal Services In Monmouth County NJ

Are you in the process of moving in Monmouth County and are in search for a junk removal company  to get rid of some clutter that has accumulated over the years? Or maybe your adding an addition to your home?  Your not alone. Whether your just looking to do a complete residential cleanout to reclaim some space in your home Affordable Spacemakers Junk Removal Services are the residential junk removal experts for you in Monmouth County New Jersey. We are experts in navigating tight areas such as attics, staircases, and clutter filled basements so that you can begin reclaiming your space so that you can enjoy your home again.

Have an old piano your looking to get rid of? Affordable Spacemakers will take it. Have you recently bought new furniture and are looking to donate your old furniutre and not sure who to call? Affordable Spacemakers will take that too. What about the dishwasher or washing machine that could not be repaired and you had to buy a new one. Affordable Spacemakers will take appliances as well.

Clearing out space so that you can reclaim your home is as easy as scheduling a free estimate. Just call us at (732) 610-0825 or book online and save $40. Once our Affordable Spacemakers crew arrives just point to what you want to get rid of. We will provide you with a free estimate. Once you give us the OK we will start making space for you.

Some Of Our Junk Removal Services Include:

Lets Talk Trash!

Junk removal is the process of decluttering a space. It can be a place of business or your home. It's the process of either reclaiming a space from years of stuff you no longer need or your preparing the space to be sold. For example when your selling your home your essentially selling space. So your basically preparing the space to be sold or renovated.
You typically would hire a junk removal company if you have a large amount of bulk items you need to get rid of. You may be selling your business or home and there are a number of bulk items your not bringing to your new home. Or you might be cleaning out a part of your home for example your basement and their are a number of bulk items like furniture, a weight set, toys or even a refrigerator that you need to get rid of, then you would call a junk removal company. Junk removal can be in other forms as well. For example if your a contractor that does renovations and do demolition work, you typically would either hire a junk removal company to take away the construction material like dry wall, flooring, and carpeting. 

Junk removal in 3 easy steps

Pick A Date

Contact Affordable Spacemakers when your are ready to haul away your junk. You can book online or call us. You can even text us a photo straight from our website.

Crew Arrives

Once you booked your estimate we will agree on a 2 hour window of arrival. You will then receive a call from the Affordable Spacemakers Crew that they are on their way.

Receive Your Estimate

Once our Affordable Spacemakers crew arrives all you need to do is point to let them know what appliances you would like removed and that’s it. We will then provide you with an estimate.