Water Damage Cleanup

Water Damage Cleanup

As a homeowner it’s almost inevitable that at some point your going to experience water damage. Water damage can be very destructive and if not taken care of immediately could lead to mold, damaged furniture and even damage to your homes electrical system. The junk removal experts at AffordableSpacemakers can help you get through a very stressful situation and mitigate the damage. We have the right equipment for the job for any type of disaster situation.

What causes water damage?

There are many scenarios that can cause water damage. A pipe may burst due to extreme cold temperatures, your water heater may fail and cause a flood, damaging your floor and other furniture. Affordable Spacemakers  can fix the problem and remove anything that was damaged and can’t be salvageable.

We have experience with water damage cleanup and restoration due to the following:

  • Leaky faucets
  • Water heater failure
  • Frozen pipes
  • Sewer or toilet backup
  • Storm flooding
  • Washing machine overflow 

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